+ Where is The Historic El Rey Theater located?

The Historic El Rey Theater is located at 622 Central Ave SW Albuquerque, NM 87102. Click here to view a map.

+ Does The Historic El Rey Theater have seats?

All tickets are general admission, standing-room only unless a show is specifically advertised as seated, like comedy shows, otherwise, it’s uncommon. There are a handful of barstools and cocktail tables by our main bar, but are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis (for guests ages 21+). We also have Mezcal, our outdoor patio bar (ages 21+) open during most shows which booth and picnic table style seating areas. Again, they are available on a first- come, first-serve basis.

+ Does The Historic El Rey Theater have a Box Office?

Our box Office is open on Saturdays from 11AM-3PM for anyone who would like to stop by for a physical ticket. We accept cash and credit. On the night of shows, the box office will open approximately 1-hour prior to doors. We do close the box office on common holidays. You may check our social media sites for updates on unexpected closings (Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram).

+ My tickets are at will call, what does that mean?

If your tickets are at will call and you purchased them thru HoldMyTicket, you can pick them up 1-hour before doors on the show day. You will need to bring your ID. It also helps if you bring your confirmation number just in case.

+ How can I purchase tickets for upcoming shows?

You can buy tickets online at elreyabq.com and we do offer many of our show tickets at the HoldMyTicket Box Office and LA Underground. We suggest calling HoldMyTicket and LA Underground first before heading down. Their info is below:

  • HoldMyTicket
  • Address: 112 2nd St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
  • Phone: (505) 886-1251
  • LA Underground
  • Address: 2000 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
  • Phone: (505) 246-9455

+ Someone else bought tickets for me, how can I pick them up at will call?

You will need to have the original purchaser email us and confirm you’re able to pick up their tickets.

+ Want to know more about Mezzanine tickets?

The Historic El Rey Theater Mezzanine is available during most shows. These tickets are available to the public and can be purchased once tickets go on sale, but there is a very limited capacity. The Mezzanine offers a private bar and bathroom. A Mezzanine ticket does not

restrict you to this area, but also allows you the option of being on the floor as well. This area is restricted to people ages 21+.

+ What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless the headliner cancels*. If this occurs, refund info will be available on the event detail page. The benefit to purchasing tickets online is that refunds are automatically processed, when necessary. If you purchase in person at The Historic El Rey Theater or LA Underground, you would need to revisit the box office to obtain your refund.

*If the headliner states they will have a make-up-date in a reasonable timeframe, tickets will be honored for that date and not auto refunded. Please keep a close eye on your email and our socials for more info on the protocol for a canceled or make-up show.

+ What type of payment does The Historic El Rey Theater accept?

The box office and bar accept cash and all major credit cards. Band merchandise booths vary, but always accept cash. We also have an ATM inside.

+ How old do you have to be to attend shows at The Historic El Rey Theater?

The Historic El Rey Theater is typically all ages. However, there are events where there is an age restriction. This would be stated on the event listing. If there is an age restriction, a valid, government issued photo ID will be required upon entry. If the restriction is Ages 18+ or 21+, only those ages are permitted entry, even if they have a parent or guardian.

+ Do I have to have an ID to enter?

An ID is required if you plan on drinking alcohol or if there is an age restriction on the event. Because we are typically all ages, we take this very seriously. Anyone 21 and older must show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID – ANYONE – no matter how old you may look. Anyone without proper identification will be treated as under 21 and will not be allowed to drink, hold, or buy alcohol. This policy is strictly enforced and any violation will result in ejection from the venue.

+ Will I be searched upon entry?

You may subject to search upon entry. Prohibited items include, weapons, drugs, and outside drinks. Illegal items will be confiscated. We will not return any confiscated items.

No refunds will be given if you are removed by event staff.

We have security measures we must keep in place for the safety of all patrons, staff, and performers. Things to understand: we have a duty to firmly check IDs, we must ensure weapons, alcohol, and other paraphernalia are not entering the theater, so this may take time. We do not want guests outside the theater, we want you all inside, so there are a few things you can do the help speed the process...

- Please have your IDs out before you make it to the front door.

- We accept government issued photo IDs only. We only accept State issued Driver's Licenses, State issued ID cards, Passports from any country, and US Active Duty/ Retiree/Reservist Military ID Cards. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Secondary IDs are not accepted. Birth certificates are not accepted. School IDs are not accepted.

- New Mexico Temporary, paper IDs are NOT valid for the bar areas, unless they accompany an old ID along with them, such as an expired drivers license or a drivers license with a hole punch in it. If your wallet was stolen the day of the show and it was your only form of identification, that's just bad luck, but we can not change policy because of it. You can still attend a show with a temporary paper ID, but no bar access, unless you also have the expired ID to accompany the paper ID.

+ What age requires a ticket?

Children 5 and older will need a ticket to enter most events. Your children who are 4 and under are free to attend, but please cover up their precious ears! Some events do have different restrictions. This information will be listed on the specific event’s page.

+ My child wants to attend a show, but I’m nervous.

We have been doing all ages shows for many years, but the decision to let your child attend is up to you. We recommend coming with them the first time so that you can experience The Historic El Rey Theater for yourself and make an informed decision for the future.

+ Do you allow re-entry?

The Historic El Rey Theater has a strict NO re-entry policy. Only in emergency situations will re- entry be allowed.

+ Do you have rules about what I can bring with me?

No outside food or beverages, no backpacks, no chairs, no weapons, no knives, no lasers, etc. If the item is in question, feel free to contact us here.

+ The music is too loud, what can I do?

The Historic El Rey Theater offers ear plugs for only $1. The sound is usually controlled by the band’s touring engineer and we have very little influence over the mix. We apologize for anytime this may occur.

+ I see illegal activities going on – what should I do?

There is always event staff present. You can always find 1 of them at the front door and usually on either side of the stage. Please report what you see to them. If you don’t feel like they are being helpful, ask to speak to someone with the venue’s management.

+ Do you allow smoking?

No. If you are caught smoking, you will be asked to step outside to the smoking area. If you are caught again, you will be ejected from the venue. Please respect your fellow attendees and abide by this rule.

+ Do you allow moshing or crowd surfing?

Due to the nature and possible injuries that could occur from moshing and crowd surfing, we strongly suggest that you refrain from such activities regardless of what the band may say on stage.

+ What kind of drinks do you serve?

We have a full bar offering beer and an assortment of liquors, as well as a concession area serving water, redbull, gatorade, and cokes.

+ Do you have parking available?

There is the Park-it-Place parking lot across the street. Street parking is available throughout Downtown as well. We recommend checking the website www.parkingpanda.com to see all available parking spaces in real time, pre-pay for a guaranteed spot, and save money! It has all parking location services directly on the site. Download the app for iPhone or Android from your App store: Parking Panda

+ Do you have special needs seating?

Once inside, there is no specific area for handicap seating, but if you have special needs, please email us in advance to make arrangements. Generally we like to have patrons with a special need arrive 15 minutes prior to doors opening, so our staff can seat you in the best possible place for your individual needs. Please e-mail team@elreyabq.com so we can help make your evening as easy as possible.

+ What are your policies regarding photo/video/audio?

Photography, video and recording policies are at the band’s discretion and change nighty, but we do not allow professional cameras with detachable lenses, unless you’ve been pre- approved by the band or venue.

+ When should I arrive to get a good spot?

We like to think that there is not a bad spot inside of The Historic El Rey Theater. If you like to be front and center, you should probably arrive an hour or more before the doors open. Each and every show is different and we can not predict when people will begin lining up for each show. There is not an area to wait inside the venue before doors open, so please keep that in mind especially considering the weather on certain days.

+ What time does the band go on?

Your ticket should have a door time listed, sometimes it will have the start time as well. The first act typically starts 1 hour after doors open. Please keep in mind that set times, as well as opening acts, are subject to change without notice. We will usually update at least our social media sites (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) on the day of show with accurate information. If you purchased tickets online, you will sometimes receive an email on the day of the event with set times and more information relating to the event.

+ I have a specific question – how can I get an answer?

Click here to contact us.